pydo comes with some configured reports, such as open, closed, recurring, overdue, frozen. Each of them accepts a task filter that let's you do more specific queries over the content shown by those reports. Even so, you may want to create your own reports, or change the existing ones.

All report configuration is saved in the config file (by default at ~/.local/share/pydo/config.yaml) under the key task_reports. Each of them has the following properties:

  • report_name: It's the key that identifies the report.
  • columns: Ordered list of task attributes to print.
  • filter: Dictionary of task properties that narrow down the tasks you want to print.
  • sort: Ordered list of criteria used to sort the tasks.

To create a new report that shows the open tasks of the area health and priority 5, sorted descending by priority, edit your config file as the next snippet:

        active: true
        type: task
        area: health
        priority: 5
        - "-priority"
        - id_
        - description
        - area
        - priority
        - tags
        - due
        - parent_id

Last update: 2020-07-02