The value optional task attribute registers how much you feel this task is going to help you achieve a specific goal. It can be associated with Scrum business value.

Business value is an horrendous capitalist term with a lot of implications, therefore we've shorten it to value.

If you've categorized your tasks in projects, each one probably has one or several main objectives. If your tasks have this property, it can help you priorize which ones need to be done first, or measure the difference in value between sprints.

To set the value of a task use the vl or value keyword:

$: pydo add Task with high value value:5
  [+] Added task 4: Task with high value

As with the priority, I use a range of values from 0 (it doesn't get me closer to the objective at all) to 5 (it's a critical advance towards the goal) but the parameter allows any integer.

Last update: 2020-07-02