Once you feel comfortable with the basic usage of pydo, you may want to explore the different features it has to adapt it to your workflow.

As the number of tasks starts to increase, it's convenient to group them together to help us with the prioritization and visualization.

One way of doing so is using areas. An area is an optional category that defines the purpose of a task, so a task can only have one area. If you feel that a task might need two areas or if you have hierarchical problems with your tasks, you may want to use tags instead.

For example, you can use clean for cleaning tasks, or task_management for pydo developing tasks.

To add a area to a task, use the area or ar keywords.

pydo add Improve pydo documentation ar:task_management

To see all the existing areas, use the areas report:

$: pydo areas
  Name            │ Open Tasks
  None            │ 2
  task_management │ 1

To change a task area use the mod command:

pydo mod {{ task_filter }} ar:new_area

Last update: 2020-07-02