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All repository types are run against the same tests.

Using the awesome library pytest-cases, we were able to separate the test cases from the test functions. The result is not simple to understand, but bear with me, as once you understand it, you may love it.

The test cases are in the cases directory below tests. There are two files:

  • Where we define the different Entity objects to test through the methods of the EntityCases class.
  • Where we define the different Repository objects to test through the methods of the RepositoryCases class.

The Entity cases, return a factory defined with Factoryboy together with the Entity model, to create arbitrary objects with real values generated through Faker.

The Repository cases are a little more complex, each of them returns a tuple with the following objects:

  • db: A storage connection object to run direct queries in the tests.
  • empty_repo: A repository instance without the schema applied.
  • repo: A repository instance with the schema applied.
  • repo_tester: A class to particularize the testing interface to each repository.

Each repository needs different assertions to ensure that a functionality works as expected, this fact makes it really difficult to parametrize the tests. The solution I've found is to write the tests Making generic tests for

The Entities to test are defined in the The interface definition of all repositories is done at the Repository class.

Last update: 2022-08-12