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Creating new elements

To add new elements into pynbox, you need to use the defined markup language either through the command line or through a file.

Pynbox markup language

It's designed to use the minimum number of friendly keystrokes both for a mobile and a laptop. The format of each element is:

{{ type_identifier }} {{ description }}
{{ body }}


  • type_identifier: Is a case insensitive string of the fewest letters as possible, that identifies the type of the element. It can be for example t. for a task, or i. for an idea. The identifiers are defined in the configuration file.
  • description: A short sentence that defines the element.
  • body: An optional group of paragraphs with more information of the element.

For example:

T. buy groceries
* milk
* tofu
i. to have an inbox management tool would be awesome!

Command line

You can use the add subcommand to put new items into the inbox.

pynbox add t. buy milk

Parse a file

If you need to add elements with a body, more than one element, or want to import them from other device, using a file might be easier.

Write the elements one after the other in the file and then use the parse command.

pynbox parse file.txt

Last update: 2021-08-13