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The first time you use pynbox, it will create the default configuration in ~/.local/share/pynbox or the path of the -c command line argument.


pynbox uses repository_orm to persist the elements. By default, it uses the TinyDB backend, if you encounter performance issues, move to SQLite, and then to MySQL. Refer to the docs of repository_orm to do so.


You should not spend too much time processing your inbox, the idea is that if it will take you more than 2 minutes to process an element, it's better to create a task to address it. max_time defines the maximum number of seconds to process an element. A warning will be shown if it takes you longer.


It's where you define the element categories, their regular expressions and their priority. For example:

    regexp: t\.
    priority: 4
    regexp: i\.

If the priority is not defined, it's assumed to be 3.

The regular expression needs to be a non capturing one

If you use parenthesis use (?:<regular expression>) instead of (<regular expression>).

Last update: 2021-08-13