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003: Markup Definition




We need to define a markup language that allows the introduction of new elements through a mobile device as effortlessly as possible.

The information to extract from each element is:

  • Description.
  • Body
  • Element type.


The format of each element is:

{{ type_identifier }} {{ description }}
{{ body }}


  • type_identifier: Is a case insensitive string of the fewest letters as possible, that identifies the type of the element. It can be for example T. for a task, or i. for an idea.
  • description: A short sentence that defines the element
  • body: An optional group of paragraphs with more information of the element.

For example:

T. buy groceries
* milk
* tofu
i. pynbox report could show progress bars for each element type


Follow the only proposed language


We'd need to write the parser.

Last update: 2021-08-13