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001: High level problem analysis




I've been using a markdown file to annotate all the elements of my inbox for later processing. The file was available both by computer and mobile phone and synced using Syncthing.

The inbox elements are of different types: events, tasks, ideas, media suggestions (movies, tv shows, books or music).

The problem is that I'm not able to keep the pace to process the elements and the file is increasingly growing.

The goal is to have a piece of software that would help in inbox management by:

  • Prioritizing a type of element over the others.
  • Giving stats on the inbox status.
  • Giving feedback on the inbox processing process.
  • Making the insertion of new elements as effortless as possible.


On the Android side, we can define a markup syntax where the user adds new items through an editor, such as Markor. That file gets synced to the desktop host through Syncthing.

On the desktop side, we can have a command line client that:

  • Processes the Android markup file to ingest the new elements.
  • Has a REPL and TUI interfaces to add new elements.
  • Has a REPL interface to process the existing inbox, which allows the user to select the order of the elements or a subset of them to process. It will monitor the inbox processing to detect improvable behaviours. And will give the user an idea of the state of the inbox.

I've done a super quick search to see if there is anything there in the wild that fulfills the user case, but found none. If you know of a program that might work, please contact me.


Implement the proposed solution.


Last update: 2021-08-13