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pynbox aims to help you with the daily emptying of the inbox by:

  • Prioritizing the elements by their type.
  • Giving insights on the inbox status.
  • Giving feedback on the inbox processing process.
  • Making the insertion of new elements as effortless as possible.


pip install pynbox

Quick overview

Proposed workflow

When you're on your desktop you can add elements directly with the command line, when you're on the go, use any text editor, such as Markor, and sync the file with Syncthing to your laptop, and then parse the file.

To process the elements, you can daily use pynbox process. If you want to focus on a category, use pynbox process category.


As most open sourced programs, pynbox is standing on the shoulders of giants, namely:

Testing framework, enhanced by the awesome pytest-cases library that made the parametrization of the tests a lovely experience.
Python static type checker.
Python linter with lots of checks.
Python formatter to keep a nice style without effort.
Python formatter to automatically fix wrong import statements.
Python formatter to order the import statements.
Command line tool to manage the dependencies.
To build this documentation site, with the Material theme.
To check the installed dependencies for known security vulnerabilities.
To finds common security issues in Python code.
YAML fixer.


For guidance on setting up a development environment, and how to make a contribution to pynbox, see Contributing to pynbox.


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Last update: 2023-02-13