• What's the size of the map?: Approximately 510 million square kilometers.

  • Can we get a bigger map?: Not yet, but you can contribute in the addition of new planets or research on space bending technology.

  • Can someone cheat in Life?: No, there is absolutely no way to cheat. That doesn't mean that some players will make use of rules in their favour, in a way that most of other players find shameful and disgusting.

  • How many players can play at the same time?: We haven't yet found a limit on the servers, right now there are more than 7 billion players online 24/7.

  • What performance can I expect to have?: State of the art graphics and sound at no cost. You won't experience any lag or glitches unless you decide to make use of game mods such as drugs.

  • What length does the game have?: As long as you are willing and able to play. The length varies on a great number of factors such as your current age, biological sex, country or economical status. On average, around 70 years.

  • What do I need to start playing?: Nothing! You won't need any dice, computer, console or board.

  • Is it difficult to start playing?: Not at all, you've already been playing for insert_your_age years.

  • How many branches does the storyline have?: Endless, although they will be defined and limited by your character stats.

  • Will I enjoy it even if I lack role playing theatrical skills?: Sure, playing yourself is super easy, it may be hard at the beginning but you'll get used to it soon enough.

  • Do I need a Game Master?: No the storyline is defined by your starting point, decisions and interactions with other players.

  • Are there any NPCs?: No, there are only real players.

  • Can I play it solo?: You can, but it's funnier if you play with others.

  • Where can I find the complete rule book?: There is none. Players are meant to research them through trial and error. Since Science was discovered, the pace of discovery has increased greatly.

  • What type of game is this?: It can't be boxed into a single category. Depending on your initial character and your decisions, you'll get an hybrid to a greater or lesser extent of all known genres (survival, strategy, adventure, roguelike, FPS, sports, ...).

  • What is your log retention policy?: We follow the no logs policy, so if a judge comes to us asking for your data, we won't be able to yield it.

Last update: 2021-06-22