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Life is a real time sandbox role game where you play as yourself surviving in today's world. You start with a predefined character sharing space with other players in a gigantic map, a limit number of resources, and the clock ticking. As time flies by, you take decisions against the events you find yourself involved in, shaping your path towards the unavoidable end. The outcome of those choices is not guaranteed, a powerful system will decide the result evaluating your stats against other players involved and the environment state.

As you play Life, your character stats will be affected by the liven events, and you'll earn money and experience points. Money can be used to purchase supplies to survive or objects to improve your gear or boost your player stats. Experience points are won by achieving challenges and completing important story lines, and can be used to unlock new skills that will help you overcome new and harder challenges. Unlike other games, leveling up has nothing to do with experience points. Every player levels up only once each 365 days on a ceremony called birthday.

Character creation


Page 14 of the core rulebook


For guidance on setting up a development environment, and how to make a contribution to life, see Contributing to life.

Last update: 2021-06-22