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drode is a wrapper over the Drone and AWS APIs to make deployments more user friendly.

It assumes that the projects are configured to continuous deliver all commits to staging. Then those commits can be promoted to production or to staging for upgrades and rollbacks.

It has the following features:

  • Prevent failed jobs to be promoted to production.
  • Promote jobs with less arguments than the drone command line.
  • Wait for a drone build to end, then raise the terminal bell.


To install drode, simply:

pip install drode

drode configuration is done through the yaml file located at ~/.local/share/drode/config.yaml. The default template is provided at installation time.

It is assumed that Drone environmental variables DRONE_SERVER and DRONE_TOKEN are configured as well as the AWS CLI credentials. Please refer to their documentation in case of doubt. To check if everything works as expected use drode verify:

$: drode verify
  [INFO] Drode: 0.1.0
  [INFO] Drone: OK

A simple example

Let's see drode in action.

Imagine a push in main triggers a drone job.

Drone jobs can take from seconds to dozens of minutes. Keeping a constant eye on the job status introduces several undesired context changes. You can use the wait subcommand to release your mind of that burden. It will periodically check the job status and rise the terminal bell once it's finished. You can specify a job number, It monitors the last job by default, but you can specify any job number.

$: drode wait
  [INFO] Waiting for job #213 started by a promote event by lyz.
  # (... some time ...)
  [INFO] Job #213 has finished with status success

Once the push job has finished successfully, we can promote it to the production environment.

$: drode promote
  [INFO] You're about to promote job #213 of the project drode_website to production
  [INFO] With commit 347579b: Add drode promote documentation

Are you sure? [y/n]: y
  [INFO] Job #214 has started.

drode promote promotes to production the last successful job originated by a push event in main. You are given the information of the job and are prompted if you want to continue. Only y or yes will complete the deployment.

Optionally you can specify which job number to deploy in which environment with something like drode promote 210 staging.

With the -w flag, drode promote will launch the job and then wait for it to finish.

If you try to promote a failed job, you'll get the following error:

  [ERROR] You can't promote job #200 to production as it's status is failure

drode is also able to give insights of the instances related to a project. If you've configured the aws section of the project configuration, it will be shown after executing the status subcommand.

$: drode status
# Production
Active LaunchConfiguration: production-project_1-238-32gosdkon3hlglkshonbllsdk32023950lskenbl
Instance             IP           Status             Created           LaunchConfiguration
-------------------  -----------  -----------------  ----------------  -----------------------------------
i-gasklk3bnl23880sl  Healthy/InService  2020-06-09T04:02  production-project_1-238-32gosdkon3h
i-2osdkgh3nbbbl0sk3  Healthy/InService  2020-06-09T04:03  production-project_1-238-32gosdkon3h

# Staging
Active LaunchConfiguration: staging-icijweb-240-237e9e9fb759bab18cc52ad5b7c407e9975831d3
Instance             IP            Status             Created           LaunchConfiguration
-------------------  ------------  -----------------  ----------------  -----------------------------------
i-32okgadslk3jos03l  Healthy/InService  2020-06-09T18:50  staging-project_1-238-32gosdkon3h

Multiple projects support

If you have more than one project configured, drode needs to know which one to act upon. Instead of defining it through command flags, we use the set command.

drode set project_1

To check the active project use drode active.


As most open sourced programs, drode is standing on the shoulders of giants, namely:

Testing framework, enhanced by the awesome pytest-cases library that made the parametrization of the tests a lovely experience.
Python static type checker.
Python linter with lots of checks.
Python formatter to keep a nice style without effort.
Python formatter to automatically fix wrong import statements.
Python formatter to order the import statements.
Command line tool to manage the dependencies.
To build this documentation site, with the Material theme.
To check the installed dependencies for known security vulnerabilities.
To finds common security issues in Python code.
YAML fixer.


For guidance on setting up a development environment, and how to make a contribution to drode, see Contributing to drode.


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Last update: 2023-02-13