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Build your own Digital Garden

This page is an early version of a WIP

If you don't want to start from scratch, you can fork the blue book and start writing straight away.

Enable clickable navigation sections

By default, mkdocs doesn't let you to have clickable sections that lead to an index page. It has been long discussed in #2060, #1042, #1139 and #1975. Thankfully, oprypin has solved it with the mkdocs-section-index plugin.

Install the plugin with pip install mkdocs-section-index and configure your mkdocs.yml as:

  - Frob:
  - Baz:
  - Borgs:
    - borgs/
    - Bar: borgs/
    - Foo: borgs/

  - section-index

Unconnected thoughts

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Create a local server to visualize the documentation

mkdocs serve