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Tahoe-LAFS is a free and open, secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant, distributed data store and distributed file system.

Tahoe-LAFS is a system that helps you to store files. You run a client program on your computer, which talks to one or more storage servers on other computers. When you tell your client to store a file, it will encrypt that file, encode it into multiple pieces, then spread those pieces out among multiple servers. The pieces are all encrypted and protected against modifications. Later, when you ask your client to retrieve the file, it will find the necessary pieces, make sure they haven’t been corrupted, reassemble them, and decrypt the result.

The client creates more pieces (or “shares”) than it will eventually need, so even if some of the servers fail, you can still get your data back. Corrupt shares are detected and ignored, so the system can tolerate server-side hard-drive errors. All files are encrypted (with a unique key) before uploading, so even a malicious server operator cannot read your data. The only thing you ask of the servers is that they can (usually) provide the shares when you ask for them: you aren’t relying upon them for confidentiality, integrity, or absolute availability.

Tahoe does not provide locking of mutable files and directories. If there is more than one simultaneous attempt to change a mutable file or directory, then an UncoordinatedWriteError may result. This might, in rare cases, cause the file or directory contents to be accidentally deleted. The user is expected to ensure that there is at most one outstanding write or update request for a given file or directory at a time. One convenient way to accomplish this is to make a different file or directory for each person or process that wants to write.

If mutable parts of a file store are accessed via sshfs, only a single sshfs mount should be used. There may be data loss if mutable files or directories are accessed via two sshfs mounts, or written both via sshfs and from other clients.


apt-get install tahoe-lafs

Or if you want the latest version

pip install tahoe-lafs

If you plan to connect to servers protected through Tor, use pip install tahoe-lafs[tor] instead.


pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The idna distribution was not found and is required by Twisted

apt-get install python-idna