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It may arrive the moment in your life where someone wants to sponsor you. There are many sponsoring platforms you can use, each has their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Liberapay.
  • Ko-fi.
  • Buy me a coffee.
  • Github Sponsor.
Liberapay Ko-fi Buy Me a Coffee Github Sponsor
Non-profit Yes No No No! (Microsoft!)
Monthly fee No No No No
Donation Commission 0% 0% 5% Not clear
Paid plan No Yes No No
Payment Processors Stripe, Paypal Stripe, Paypal Stripe, Standard Payout Stripe
One time donations Possible but not user friendly Yes Yes Yes
Membership Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shop/Sales No Yes No No
Based in France ? United States United States?
Pay delay Instant Instant Instant Until 100$
User friendliness OK Good Good Good

Liberapay is the only non-profit recurrent donations platform. It's been the most recommended platform from the people I know from the open-source, activist environment.

Ko-fi would be my next choice, as they don't do commissions on the donations and they support more features (that I don't need right now) than Liberapay.

Each of these platforms use different payment processors such as:

Usually Stripe takes less commissions than Paypal, also Paypal is known for closing user accounts and keeping their money.


If you just want something simple and don't mind the difficulties of doing one time donations of Liberapay, go with it, it's also the most ethical. If you want something more powerful, then Ko-fi is the best solution. You can even have both.

Try to avoid Paypal and use Stripe for both platforms.

Github integration

Ko-fi Github integration

  • Add ko_fi: your_account_id to the .github/FUNDING.yml file.
  • Add a widget to your

Liberapay Github integration

  • Add liberapay: your_user to the .github/FUNDING.yml file.
  • Add a widget to your You can get them on the Widgets section of your settings.