Route Management

To analyze which hiking routes are available in a zone I'm following the next process

  • Check in my trips orgmode directory to see if the zone has already been indexed.
  • Do a first search of routes
  • Identify which books or magazines describe the zone
  • For each of the described routes in each of these books:
    • Create the Routes section with tag :route: if it doesn't exist
    • Fill up the route form in a TODO heading. Something similar to:
      Reference: Book Page
      Source: Where does it start
      Distance: X km
      Slope: X m 
      Type: [Lineal/Circular/Semi-lineal]
      Track: URL (only if you don't have to search for it)
    • Add tags of the people I'd like to do it with
    • Put a postit on the book/magazine if it's likely I'm going to do it
    • Open a web maps tab with the source of the route to calculate the time from the different lodgins
  • If there are not enough, repeat the process above for each of your online route reference blogs

  • Choose the routes to do

  • Show the gathered routes to the people you want to go with
  • Select which ones you'll be more likely to do

  • For each of the chosen routes

  • Search the track in wikiloc if it's missing
  • Import the track in OsmAnd+