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Rofi is a window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacement.


sudo apt-get install rofi


To launch rofi directly in a certain mode, specify a mode with rofi -show <mode>. To show the run dialog:

rofi -show run

Or get the options from a script:

~/ | rofi -dmenu

Specify an ordered, comma-separated list of modes to enable. Enabled modes can be changed at runtime. Default key is Ctrl+Tab. If no modes are specified, all configured modes will be enabled. To only show the run and ssh launcher:

rofi -modes "run,ssh" -show run

The modes to combine in combi mode. For syntax to -combi-modes , see -modes. To get one merge view, of window,run, and ssh:

rofi -show combi -combi-modes "window,run,ssh" -modes combi


The configuration lives at ~/.config/rofi/config.rasi to create this file with the default conf run:

rofi -dump-config > ~/.config/rofi/config.rasi

Use fzf to do the matching

To run once:

rofi -show run -sorting-method fzf -matching fuzzy

To persist them change those same values in the configuration.

Theme changing

To change the theme: - Choose the one you like most looking here - Run rofi-theme-selector to select it - Accept it with Alt + a

Keybindings change


You can write your custom plugins. If you're on python using python-rofi seems to be the best option although it looks unmaintained.

Some interesting examples are:

Other interesting references are: