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Renovate is a program that does automated dependency updates. Multi-platform and multi-language.

Why use Renovate?

  • Get pull requests to update your dependencies and lock files.
  • Reduce noise by scheduling when Renovate creates PRs.
  • Renovate finds relevant package files automatically, including in monorepos.
  • You can customize the bot's behavior with configuration files.
  • Share your configuration with ESLint-like config presets.
  • Get replacement PRs to migrate from a deprecated dependency to the community suggested replacement (npm packages only).
  • Open source.
  • Popular (more than 9.7k stars and 1.3k forks)
  • Beautifully integrate with main Git web applications (Gitea, Gitlab, Github).
  • It supports most important languages: Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Node, ...

Behind the scenes

How Renovate updates a package file


  • Scans your repositories to detect package files and their dependencies.
  • Checks if any newer versions exist.
  • Raises Pull Requests for available updates.

The Pull Requests patch the package files directly, and include Release Notes for the newer versions (if they are available).

By default:

  • You'll get separate Pull Requests for each dependency.
  • Major updates are kept separate from non-major updates.