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Regicide is a wonderful cooperative card game for 1 to 4 players. It's awesome how they've built such a rich game dynamic with a normal deck of cards. Even if you can play it with any deck, I suggest to buy the deck they sell because their cards are magnificent and they deserve the money for their impressive game. Another thing I love about them is that even if you can't or don't want to pay for the game, they give the rules for free.

If you don't like reading the rules directly from their pdf (although it's quite short), they explain them in this video.


Each game is different and challenging despite your experience, even so, I've thought that to make it even more varied and rich, the players can use one or many of the next expansions:

Each of the expansions make the game both more different and more complex, so it's not suggested to use them all at the same time, try one, and once the players are used to it, add another one.

These expansions are yet untested ideas, so they might break the playability.

If you have any suggestion please contact me or open a pull request.

Throughout the next sections you'll encounter the 1 x level notation to define the times an action will take place. It's assumed that the level of the enemies is:

Card Level
J 1
Q 2
K 3

Situation modifiers

You can spice up each game by making each round different by applying situation modifiers. Once a new enemy arrives the scene, roll up a dice to choose one of the next situations:

  1. Disloyal: The fighters you use in this round that match the enemy's suit will be disloyal to you and will join the enemy's ranks in the next round. The player will receive damage of both the enemy and their minions. Players will need to kill their minions before they hit the royal enemy.
  2. Cornered: You're cornered and the enemy archers are firing you. At the start of each player turn, it takes 2 x level amount of damage.
  3. Exterminator: When it deals damage, 1 x level of the player discarded cards are taken out of the game.
  4. Enemy ambush: When the enemy enters the scene, it deals 2 x level amount of damage to the players.
  5. Enemy Spy: It has moles inside your ranks. When it comes to scene, you drop 1 x level amount of cards of that suit.
  6. Necromancer: When it hits the first player, the smallest discarded card goes to the enemy ranks instead of the discarded pile. Players need to kill this minion before hitting the enemy.
  7. Represor Enemy: It kills 1 x level people from the tavern at the start of each player's turn.
  8. Dexterous Enemy: It has a 20% x level of chances to dodge the player's attack.
  9. Quick Enemy: The enemy hits you in the first phase of your turn, instead of the last.
  10. Stronger Enemy: It deals 2 x level more damage.
  11. Tougher Enemy: It has 3 x level more health.

  12. Blind Enemy: It attacks to any player that makes a noise in addition to the player that is currently fighting it.

  13. Random Enemy: There is no logic in it's actions, instead of attacking the player who is playing, it attacks a random one.
  14. Uneventful round: Nothing happens, play the round as the vanilla game.

  15. Softer Enemy: It has 3 x level less health.

  16. Weaker Enemy: It deals 2 x level less damage.
  17. Clumsy Enemy: It has a 20% x level of chances to fail when hitting the players.
  18. Resistance Spies: You have moles inside the enemy ranks that removes their suit invulnerability.
  19. Ambush: When the enemy enters the scene, you all deal 2 x level amount of damage to the enemy.
  20. Communist/Anarchist "enemy": It really is on your side to bring down the monarchy, so you all get a 1 x level to all the cards you play, and a 2 x level to it's suit.
  21. Enemy Cornered: You cornered the enemy, and your archers are firing them. At the start of each player turn, the enemy takes 2 x level amount of damage.
  22. Loyal: The fighters you use in this round that match the enemy's suit will be loyal to you and won't be moved to the discarded pile at the end of the round. On the first round of each player, they'll use both the card in the table and the one that they use.

Player modifiers

At the start of the game players can decide their suit, they will get a bonus on the played cards of their suit, and a penalization on the opposite suit. The opposite suits are:

  • ♠ opposite of ♥
  • ♣ opposite of ♦

The bonus depends on the level of the enemy being:

  • J: +1 or -1
  • Q: +2 or -2
  • K: +3 or -3

Imagine that I've chosen ♦ as my suit, if I were to play:

  • The 8♦ against a J♥, I'd draw 8+1 cards from the deck, and deal 8+1 damage
  • The 7♣ against a Q♠, I'd deal 10 of damage (7-2) * 2.
  • The 4♦4♥ against a K♣, I'd heal and draw 11 cards (4+4+3).
  • The 4♦4♣ against a K♠, I'd draw 8 cards (4+4+3-3) and deal 16 of damage.

I haven't decide yet if the bonus should apply at the time of receiving damage, we played one without counting and it was playable, will test the other soon.

Player classes

  • Create player classes: Each player class has abilities that can use X amount of times in the match:

    • Archer:
    • Healer:
    • Paladin:
    • Warrior:
    • Wizard: