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pytest-httpserver is a python package which allows you to start a real HTTP server for your tests. The server can be configured programmatically to how to respond to requests.


pip install pytest-httpserver


import requests

def test_json_client(httpserver: HTTPServer):
    httpserver.expect_request("/foobar").respond_with_json({"foo": "bar"})
    assert requests.get(httpserver.url_for("/foobar")).json() == {'foo': 'bar'}

Specifying responses

Once you have set up the expected request, it is required to set up the response which will be returned to the client.

In the example we used respond_with_json() but it is also possible to respond with an arbitrary content.

respond_with_data("Hello world!", content_type="text/plain")

In the example above, we are responding a text/plain content. You can specify the status also:

respond_with_data("Not found", status=404, content_type="text/plain")

Give a dynamic response

If you need to produce dynamic content, use the respond_with_handler method, which accepts a callable (eg. a python function):

from werkzeug.wrappers import Response
from werkzeug.wrappers.request import Request

def my_handler(request: Request) -> Response:
    # here, examine the request object
    return Response("Hello world!")