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Process Automation

I understand process automation as the act of analyzing yourself and your interactions with the world to find the way to reduce the time or willpower spent on your life processes.

Once you've covered some minimum life requirements (health, money or happiness), time is your most valued asset. It's sad to waste it doing stuff that we need but don't increase our happiness.

I've also faced the problem of having so much stuff in my mind. Having background processes increase your brain load and are a constant sink of willpower. As a result, when you really need that CPU time, your brain is tired and doesn't work to it's full performance. Automating processes, as well as life logging and task management, allows you to delegate those worries.

Process automation can lead to habit building, which reduces even more the willpower consumption of processes, at the same time it reduces the error rate.

The marvelous xkcd comic has gathered the essence and pitfalls of process automation many times:

Automating home chores

  • Using Grocy to maintain the house stock, shopping lists and meal plans.