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Restore a dump

Text files created by pg_dump are intended to be read in by the psql program. The general command form to restore a dump is

psql dbname < dumpfile

Where dumpfile is the file output by the pg_dump command. The database dbname will not be created by this command, so you must create it yourself from template0 before executing psql (e.g., with createdb -T template0 dbname). psql supports options similar to pg_dump for specifying the database server to connect to and the user name to use. See the psql reference page for more information. Non-text file dumps are restored using the pg_restore utility.


Fix pg_dump version mismatch

If you need to use a pg_dump version different from the one you have at your system you could either use nix or use docker

docker run postgres:9.2 pg_dump books > books.out

Or if you need to enter the password

docker run -v /path/to/dump:/dump -it postgres:12 bash
pg_dump books > /dump/books.out