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Park programming

Park programming is as you may guess, programming in parks, something I'm trying these days, let's see how it goes.

How to park program

To get the best experience out of it I've seen that before you get out it's good to:

  • Store music in a directory so you don't have to stream it online.
  • Find the best spots.
  • Find the best times.
  • Get out of your dark themed comfort zone and configure a light theme for the windows you're going to use.
  • Put on sun screen!
  • Bring enough water.
  • Bring a small cushion for the ass, and maybe another for the back.
  • Pee before going out.
  • Go with someone. I haven't yet tried how comfortable is park pair programming though.

While you're at it:

  • Teether the internet from the mobile.
  • Use headphones, be respectful (҂⌣̀_⌣́).
  • Sit well, with your back straight.

Find the best spots

The best spots are the ones that meet the next criteria:

  • Quiet places with few human transit.
  • Green surrounding environment.
  • Pleasant heat, sunlight and humidity.
  • Correct seat height.
  • Has laptop support.
  • Seat with back support.
  • Far from bugs.

So far the best spots I've found have been:

  • Benches in parks.
  • Chess desks.

Look out for different spots to fulfill the different scenarios in terms of amount of heat and sunlight.

Find the best times

The best times are the ones that maximize the best spots criteria so:

  • Weekdays over weekend
  • Early mornings and late afternoons on summer, middle day on spring and autumn.


By doing park programming you:

  • Move your ass out of your lair.
  • Get a sun bath
  • Breath fresh open air.
  • Get to smile at passing by dogs or enjoy seeing them play.
  • See trees and nature.
  • Get higher chances to interact with other humans.


  • You'll probably don't be as comfortable as in your common development place.