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16th June 2023





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AWS Snippets

  • New: Get EC2 metadata from within the instance.

    The quickest way to fetch or retrieve EC2 instance metadata from within a running EC2 instance is to log in and run the command:

    Fetch metadata from IPv4:

    curl -s

    You can also download the ec2-metadata tool to get the info:

    chmod +x ec2-metadata
    ./ec2-metadata --all



  • New: Alertmanager routes.

    A route block defines a node in a routing tree and its children. Its optional configuration parameters are inherited from its parent node if not set.

    Every alert enters the routing tree at the configured top-level route, which must match all alerts (i.e. not have any configured matchers). It then traverses the child nodes. If continue is set to false, it stops after the first matching child. If continue is true on a matching node, the alert will continue matching against subsequent siblings. If an alert does not match any children of a node (no matching child nodes, or none exist), the alert is handled based on the configuration parameters of the current node.

    A basic configuration would be:

    yaml route: group_by: [job, alertname, severity] group_wait: 30s group_interval: 5m repeat_interval: 12h receiver: 'email' routes: - match: alertname: Watchdog receiver: 'null'