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45th Week of 2022




Infrastructure Solutions

AWS Savings plan

  • New: Introduce AWS Savings plan.

    Saving plans offer a flexible pricing model that provides savings on AWS usage. You can save up to 72 percent on your AWS compute workloads.

    !!! note "Please don't make Jeff Bezos even richer, try to pay as less money to AWS as you can."

Continuous Integration

  • New: Introduce MDFormat.

    MDFormat is an opinionated Markdown formatter that can be used to enforce a consistent style in Markdown files. Mdformat is a Unix-style command-line tool as well as a Python library.

    The features/opinions of the formatter include:

    • Consistent indentation and whitespace across the board
    • Always use ATX style headings
    • Move all link references to the bottom of the document (sorted by label)
    • Reformat indented code blocks as fenced code blocks
    • Use 1. as the ordered list marker if possible, also for noninitial list items.

    It's based on the markdown-it-py Markdown parser, which is a Python implementation of markdown-it.



  • Correction: Add GPU advice on shopping tips.

    • Check that the CPU has GPU if you don't want to use an external graphic card. Otherwise the BIOS won't start.

Operating Systems



  • New: Introduce GrapheneOS.

    GrapheneOS is a private and secure mobile operating system with Android app compatibility. Developed as a non-profit open source project.




  • New: Introduce Redox.

    Redox is an awesome Do It Yourself mechanical keyboard