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3rd Week of 2022


  • New: Add two more solutions to the voice recognition project.

    For offline voice recognition, vosk-api can be used. Or voiceliner once it supports offline voice recognition.

Life Management

News Management

  • New: Introduce news management.

    The information world of today is overwhelming. It can reach a point that you just want to disconnect so as to avoid the continuous bombardment, but that leads to loosing connection with what's happening in the world. Without knowing what's going on it's impossible to act to shape it better.

    I've started analyzing how to filter the content.



  • New: Add the di library to explore.

    di: a modern dependency injection system, modeled around the simplicity of FastAPI's dependency injection.


  • New: Add asyncer as interesting library.

Type Hints

Package Management

  • New: Tweak Poetry evaluation and add PDM.

    Check PDM's review, it's awesome!

Operative Systems


Linux Snippets


  • New: Introduce profanity.

    profanity is a console based XMPP client written in C using ncurses and libstrophe, inspired by Irssi.


  • New: Introduce wallabag.

    Wallabag is a self-hosted read-it-later application: it saves a web page by keeping content only. Elements like navigation or ads are deleted.