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25th November 2022




  • Correction: Solve circular dependencies by manual constraining.

    It also helps to run pdm update with the -v flag, that way you see which are the candidates that are rejected, and you can put the constrain you want. For example, I was seeing the next traceback:

    pdm.termui: Conflicts detected:
      pyflakes>=3.0.0 (from <Candidate autoflake 2.0.0 from>)
      pyflakes<2.5.0,>=2.4.0 (from <Candidate flake8 4.0.1 from unknown>)

    So I added a new dependency to pin it:

    dependencies = [
        # Until flakeheaven supports flake8 5.x

    If none of the above works, you can override them:

    "importlib-metadata" = ">=3.10"


  • New: File System Isolation.

    For basic command line tools with file system operations, the CliRunner.isolated_filesystem() method is useful for setting the current working directory to a new, empty folder.

    from click.testing import CliRunner
    from cat import cat
    def test_cat():
        runner = CliRunner()
        with runner.isolated_filesystem():
            with open("hello.txt", "w") as f:
                f.write("Hello World!")
            result = runner.invoke(cat, ["hello.txt"])
            assert result.exit_code == 0
            assert result.output == "Hello World!\n"

    Pass temp_dir to control where the temporary directory is created. The directory will not be removed by Click in this case. This is useful to integrate with a framework like Pytest that manages temporary files.

    def test_keep_dir(tmp_path):
        runner = CliRunner()
        with runner.isolated_filesystem(temp_dir=tmp_path) as td:

Python Snippets

  • New: Pathlib make parent directories if they don't exist.

    pathlib.Path("/tmp/sub1/sub2").mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)

    From the docs:

    • If parents is true, any missing parents of this path are created as needed; they are created with the default permissions without taking mode into account (mimicking the POSIX mkdir -p command).

    • If parents is false (the default), a missing parent raises FileNotFoundError.

    • If exist_ok is false (the default), FileExistsError is raised if the target directory already exists.

    • If exist_ok is true, FileExistsError exceptions will be ignored (same behavior as the POSIX mkdir -p command), but only if the last path component is not an existing non-directory file.

  • New: Pathlib touch a file.

    Create a file at this given path.


    If the file already exists, the function succeeds if exist_ok is true (and its modification time is updated to the current time), otherwise FileExistsError is raised.

    If the parent directory doesn't exist you need to create it first.

    global_conf_path = xdg_home / "autoimport" / "config.toml"

Last update: 2022-11-26