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11th November 2022


Continuous Integration

  • New: Introduce MDFormat.

    MDFormat is an opinionated Markdown formatter that can be used to enforce a consistent style in Markdown files. Mdformat is a Unix-style command-line tool as well as a Python library.

    The features/opinions of the formatter include:

    • Consistent indentation and whitespace across the board
    • Always use ATX style headings
    • Move all link references to the bottom of the document (sorted by label)
    • Reformat indented code blocks as fenced code blocks
    • Use 1. as the ordered list marker if possible, also for noninitial list items.

    It's based on the markdown-it-py Markdown parser, which is a Python implementation of markdown-it.

Operating Systems



  • New: Introduce GrapheneOS.

    GrapheneOS is a private and secure mobile operating system with Android app compatibility. Developed as a non-profit open source project.




  • New: Introduce Redox.

    Redox is an awesome Do It Yourself mechanical keyboard