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4th November 2022

Life Management

Task Management


  • New: Introduce OpenProject.

    OpenProject is an Open source project management software.

    The benefits over other similar software are:

    The things I don't like are:

    • Data can be exported as XML or CSV but it doesn't export everything. You have access to the database though, so if you'd like a better extraction of the data you in theory can do a selective dump of whatever you need.
    • It doesn't yet have tag support. You can meanwhile add the strings you would use as tags in the description, and then filter by text in description.
    • There is no demo instance where you can try it. It's easy though to launch a Proof of Concept environment yourself if you already know docker-compose.
    • Even thought the Community (free) version has many features the next aren't:
      • Status boards: you can't have Kanban boards that show the state of the issues as columns. You can make it yourself through a Basic board and with the columns as the name of the state. But when you transition an issue from state, you need to move the issue and change the property yourself. I've thought of creating a script that works with the API to do this automatically, maybe through the webhooks of the openproject, but it would make more sense to spend time on pydo.
      • Version boards: Useful to transition issues between sprints when you didn't finish them in time. Probably this is easily solved through bulk editing the issues.
      • Custom actions looks super cool, but as this gives additional value compared with the competitors, I understand it's a paid feature.
      • Display relations in the work package list: It would be useful to quickly see which tasks are blocked, by whom and why. Nothing critical though.
      • Multiselect custom fields: You can only do single valued fields. Can't understand why this is a paid feature.
      • 2FA authentication is only an Enterprise feature.
      • OpenID and SAML are an enterprise feature.

    Also included:

  • New: Web based task manager.

    Life happened and the development of pydo has fallen behind in my priority list. I've also reached a point where simplest one is no longer suitable for my workflow because:

    • I loose a lot of time in the reviews.
    • I loose a lot of time when doing the different plannings (year, trimester, month, week, day).
    • I find it hard to organize and refine the backlog.

    As pydo is not ready yet and I need a solution that works today better than the simplest task manager, I've done an analysis of the state of the art of self-hosted applications of all of them the two that were more promising were Taiga and OpenProject.

    Finally I chose OpenProject.



Configure Docker to host the application

  • New: Attach a docker to many networks.

    You can't do it through the docker run command, there you can only specify one network. However, you can attach a docker to a network with the command:

    docker network attach network-name docker-name

Operating Systems



  • New: Introduce ferdium.

    Ferdium is a desktop application to have all your services in one place. It's similar to Rambox, Franz or Ferdi only that it's maintained by the community and respects your privacy.


  • New: Introduce finnix.

    Finnix is a live Linux distribution specialized in the recovery, maintenance, testing of systems.