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30th August 2022



  • New: How your brain generates sleep.

    Brainwave activity of REM sleep looks similar to the one you have when you're awake. They cycle (going up and down) at a fast frequency of thirty or forty times per second in an unreliable pattern. This behaviour is explained by the fact that different parts of your waking brain are processing different pieces of information at different moments in time and in different ways.




  • New: Ignore a field when representing an object.

    Use repr=False. This is useful for properties that don't return a value quickly, for example if you save an sh background process.

    class Temp(BaseModel):
        foo: typing.Any
        boo: typing.Any = Field(..., repr=False)


  • New: Avoid exception logging when killing a background process.

    In order to catch this exception execute your process with _bg_exec=False and execute p.wait() if you want to handle the exception. Otherwise don't use the p.wait().

    ```python p = sh.sleep(100, _bg=True, _bg_exc=False) try: p.kill() p.wait() except sh.SignalException_SIGKILL as err: print("foo")

    foo ```