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2nd August 2022


  • New: Version Update Manager.

    Keeping software updated is not easy because:

    • There are many technologies involved: package managers (apt, yum, pip, yarn, npm, ...), programming languages (python, java, ruby, ...), operative systems (Debian, Ubuntu, ...), deployment technologies (OS install, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Helm), template software (cruft).
    • Each software maintainers use a different version system.
    • Even a small increase in a version may break everything.
    • Sometimes only the latest version is the supported version.
    • It's not easy to check if the update went well.
    • You not only need the desired package to be updated, but also it's dependencies.

    I'd like to find a solution that:

    • Gives an overall insight of the update status of a system.
    • Automates the update process.
    • Support both single system installation or aggregator of multiple systems.