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27th April 2022


  • Correction: Correct the way to test for an attribute of an html element.

       .should('have.attr', 'href', '')
       .and('have.attr', 'target', '_blank') // Test it's meant to be opened
       // another tab
  • New: Sending different responses.

    To return different responses from a single GET /todos intercept, you can place all prepared responses into an array, and then use Array.prototype.shift to return and remove the first item.

    it('returns list with more items on page reload', () => {
      const replies = [{ fixture: 'articles.json' }, { statusCode: 404 }]
      cy.intercept('GET', '/api/inbox', req => req.reply(replies.shift()))


Javascript snippets

  • New: Concatenate two arrays.

    const arr1 = ["Cecilie", "Lone"];
    const arr2 = ["Emil", "Tobias", "Linus"];
    const children = arr1.concat(arr2);

    To join more arrays you can use:

    const arr1 = ["Cecilie", "Lone"];
    const arr2 = ["Emil", "Tobias", "Linus"];
    const arr3 = ["Robin"];
    const children = arr1.concat(arr2,arr3);
  • New: Check if a variable is not undefined.

    if(typeof lastname !== "undefined")
      alert("Hi. Variable is defined.");
    feat(vue_snippets#Run function in background): Run function in background

    To achieve that you need to use the javascript method called setInterval(). It’s a simple function that would repeat the same task over and over again. Here’s an example:

    function myFunction() {
        setInterval(function(){ alert("Hello world"); }, 3000);

    If you add a call to this method for any button and click on it, it will print Hello world every 3 seconds (3000 milliseconds) until you close the page.

    In Vue you could do something like:

    export default {
      data: () => ({
        inbox_retry: undefined
      methods: {
        retryGetInbox() {
          this.inbox_retry = setInterval(() => {
            if (this.showError) {
              console.log('Retrying the fetch of the inbox')
              // Add your code here.
            } else {
          }, 30000)

    You can call this.retryGetInbox() whenever you want to start running the function periodically. Once this.showError is false, we stop running the function with clearInterval(this.inbox_retry).