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24th April 2022


  • New: Sum up all Cypress documentation.

    In particular how to:

    • Install it
    • Write tests
    • Setup the tests
    • Do component testing
    • Do visual regression testing
  • New: Truncate text given a height.

    By default css is able to truncate text with the size of the screen but only on one line, if you want to fill up a portion of the screen (specified in number of lines or height css parameter) and then truncate all the text that overflows, you need to use vue-clamp.

  • New: Environment variables.

    If you're using Vue 3 and Vite you can use the environment variables by defining them in .env files.

    You can specify environment variables by placing the following files in your project root:

    • .env: Loaded in all cases.
    • .env.local: Loaded in all cases, ignored by git.
    • .env.[mode]: Only loaded in specified mode.
    • .env.[mode].local: Only loaded in specified mode, ignored by git.

    An env file simply contains key=value pairs of environment variables, by default only variables that start with VITE_ will be exposed.:


    Only VITE_SOME_KEY will be exposed as import.meta.env.VITE_SOME_KEY to your client source code, but DB_PASSWORD will not. So for example in a component you can use:

    export default {
      props: {},
      mounted() {
      data: () => ({
  • New: Deploy with docker.

    And fight to make the environment variables of the docker work, the problem is that these environment variables are set at build time, and can't be changed at runtime by default, so you can't offer a generic fronted Docker and particularize for the different cases. I've literally cried for hours trying to find a solution for this until José Silva came to my rescue. The tweak is to use a docker entrypoint to inject the values we want.

  • New: Testing.

    I tried doing component tests with Jest, Vitest and Cypress and found no way of making component tests, they all fail one way or the other.

    E2E tests worked with Cypress however, that's going to be my way of action till this is solved.