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February of 2022




  • New: How to reduce online racism.

    Add article How to reduce online racism by Mark Holden, a long essay with interesting tips and a lot of useful visualizations, I haven't checked the sources but it looks legit. (Thanks for the recommendation Laurie :)).




  • New: Introduce PDM.

    PDM is a modern Python package manager with PEP 582 support. It installs and manages packages in a similar way to npm that doesn't need to create a virtualenv at all!

  • New: Note that pdm update doesn't upgrade the constrains in pyproject.toml.

  • New: Add tutorial on how to use asyncio.

    Roguelynn tutorial

  • New: Version overriding now supports constrains.

    Before you had to pin specific versions, which is not maintainable, now you can use constrains

    asgiref = ">=3.2.10"
  • New: Show outdated packages.

    pdm update --dry-run --unconstrained

Pydantic Factories


  • New: Resolve the 307 error.

    Probably you've introduced an ending / to the endpoint, so instead of asking for /my/endpoint you tried to do /my/endpoint/.



  • Correction: Update the tmpdir_factory type hints.

    You should now use TempPathFactory instead of TempdirFactory

  • Correction: Use pytest-freezegun globally.

    Most of the tests work with frozen time, so it's better to freeze it by default and unfreeze it on the ones that actually need time to move.

    To do that set in your tests/ a globally used fixture:

        from freezegun.api import FrozenDateTimeFactory
    def frozen_time() -> Generator['FrozenDateTimeFactory', None, None]:
        """Freeze all tests time"""
        with freezegun.freeze_time() as freeze:
            yield freeze
  • New: Ignore a warning of a specific package.

    In the pyproject.toml

    filterwarnings = [
      # Until is merged

Python Snippets

  • New: How to raise a warning.

    Warning messages are typically issued in situations where it is useful to alert the user of some condition in a program, where that condition (normally) doesn’t warrant raising an exception and terminating the program. For example, one might want to issue a warning when a program uses an obsolete module.

    import warnings
    def f():
        warnings.warn('Message', DeprecationWarning)

    To test the function with pytest you can use pytest.warns:

    import warnings
    import pytest
    def test_warning():
        with pytest.warns(UserWarning, match='my warning'):
            warnings.warn("my warning", UserWarning)
  • New: Parse XML file with beautifulsoup.

    You need both beautifulsoup4 and lxml:

    bs = BeautifulSoup(requests.get(url), "lxml")
  • New: Get a traceback from an exception.

    import traceback
    traceback_str = ''.join(traceback.format_tb(e.__traceback__))


Infrastructure as Code

Ansible Snippets

  • New: Speed up the stat module.

    The stat module calculates the checksum and the md5 of the file in order to get the required data. If you just want to check if the file exists use:

    - name: Verify swapfile status
        path: "{{ common_swapfile_location }}"
        get_checksum: no
        get_md5: no
        get_mime: no
        get_attributes: no
      register: swap_status
      changed_when: not swap_status.stat.exists

Continuous Integration


  • New: Deprecate flakeheaven in favour of flakeheaven.

    It's a fork maintained by the community, instead of an absent code dictator.

Operative Systems


Github cli

  • New: Trigger a workflow run.

    To manually trigger a workflow you need to first configure it to allow workflow_dispatch events.


    Then you can trigger the workflow with gh workflow run {{ workflow_name }}, where you can get the workflow_name with gh workflow list



Board Gaming


  • New: Player modifiers extension.

    At the start of the game players can decide their suit, they will get a bonus on the played cards of their suit, and a penalization on the opposite suit. The opposite suits are:

    • ♠ opposite of ♥
    • ♣ opposite of ♦

    The bonus depends on the level of the enemy being:

    • J: +1 or -1
    • Q: +2 or -2
    • K: +3 or -3