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32nd Week of 2021


  • New: Introduce pynbox the inbox management tool.

    Pynbox is a tool to improve the management of ideas, tasks, references, suggestions when I'm not in front of the computer. Right now I've got Markor for Android to register these quicknotes, but the reality is that I don't act upon them, so it's just a log of tasks that never get done, and ideas, references and suggestions that aren't registered in my knowledge or media management systems.

    On the computer there are also cases of tasks that are not worth registering in the task management system, or ideas that I get at a moment but don't have time to process at the moment.

    The idea then is to automatically sync the Android quicknote with syncthing, and have a special format for the file that allows pynbox to extract the elements from that file to the "inbox system". For example: +

    t. buy groceries
    tv. IT crowd
    i. Improve the inbox management
    I want a system to improve ...

    Gets introduced in the "inbox system" as a task, a TV suggestion and an idea.

  • New: Introduce nyxt as a solution for a better browser.

    I've just stumbled upon nyxt (code), and it looks superb.



Python Snippets



  • New: Explain how to build pretty tables with rich.

    from rich.console import Console
    from rich.table import Table
    table = Table(title="Star Wars Movies")
    table.add_column("Released", justify="right", style="cyan", no_wrap=True)
    table.add_column("Title", style="magenta")
    table.add_column("Box Office", justify="right", style="green")
    table.add_row("Dec 20, 2019", "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker", "$952,110,690")
    table.add_row("May 25, 2018", "Solo: A Star Wars Story", "$393,151,347")
    table.add_row("Dec 15, 2017", "Star Wars Ep. V111: The Last Jedi", "$1,332,539,889")
    table.add_row("Dec 16, 2016", "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", "$1,332,439,889")
    console = Console()
  • New: Explain how to print pretty text with rich.

    from rich.console import Console
    from rich.text import Text
    console = Console()
    text = Text.assemble(("Hello", "bold magenta"), " World!")


Infrastructure as Code