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28th Week of 2021


  • Improvement: Add rsarai hq to interesting sources for lifelogging.

Operative Systems


  • New: Introduce Tahoe-LAFS.

    Tahoe-LAFS is a free and open, secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant, distributed data store and distributed file system.

    Tahoe-LAFS is a system that helps you to store files. You run a client program on your computer, which talks to one or more storage servers on other computers. When you tell your client to store a file, it will encrypt that file, encode it into multiple pieces, then spread those pieces out among multiple servers. The pieces are all encrypted and protected against modifications. Later, when you ask your client to retrieve the file, it will find the necessary pieces, make sure they haven’t been corrupted, reassemble them, and decrypt the result.






  • New: Introduce OsmAnd.

    OsmAnd is a mobile application for global map viewing and navigating based on OpenStreetMaps. Perfect if you're looking for a privacy focused, community maintained open source alternative to google maps.