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23rd Week of 2021


  • New: Introduce seedling self-hosted map project.

    I love maps, as well as traveling and hiking. This project aims to create a web interface that let's me interact with the data gathered throughout my life. I'd like to:

    • Browse the waypoints and routes that I've done.
    • Create routes and export the gpx.
    • Be able to search through the data
    • Plan trips
  • New: Introduce the seed project to.



Grammar and Orthography

  • New: Explain what can you use instead of I know.

    Using "I know" may not be the best way to show the other person that you've got the information. You can take the chance to use other words that additionally gives more context on how you stand with the information you've received, thus improving the communication and creating a bond.


  • New: Introduce the cooking art.

Cooking Basics