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16th Week of 2021



Continuous Integration


  • Correction: Update the git repository.

    The existent repository has been archived in favor of this one

  • New: Explain how to patch the extended_default_ignore error for versions > 3.9.0.

    Add to your your pyproject.toml:

    extended_default_ignore=[]  # add this



  • New: Add apprise to the interesting libraries to explore.

    apprise: Allows you to send a notification to almost all of the most popular notification services available to us today such as: Linux, Telegram, Discord, Slack, Amazon SNS, Gotify, etc. Look at all the supported notifications (¬º-°)¬.

  • New: Add kivi and kivimd to the interesting libraries to explore.

    kivi is used to create android/Linux/iOS/Windows applications with python. Use it with kivimd to make it beautiful, check the examples and the docs.


  • New: Introduce the AWS SDK library and explain how to test it.

    Boto3 is the AWS SDK for Python to create, configure, and manage AWS services, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). The SDK provides an object-oriented API as well as low-level access to AWS services.

    For testing, try to use moto, using the Botocore's stubber as fallback option.

  • New: Explain how to test ec2, route53, s3, and rds resources.

  • New: Explain how to test vpc and auto scaling group resources.
  • Improvement: Explain how to extract the instance when testing autoscaling groups.

    Also track the issue to add support to launch templates.

  • New: Explain how to test security groups.


  • New: Explain how to log python program exceptions better than to a file.

    Using logging to write write exceptions and breadcrumbs to a file might not be the best solution because unless you look at it directly most errors will pass unnoticed.

    To actively monitor and react to code exceptions use an application monitoring platform like sentry.

    In the article I explain what are the advantages of using this solution and do a comparison between Sentry and GlitchTip.


  • Improvement: Remove advice to use my fork instead.

    The original one has already merged my PR \\ ٩( ᐛ )و //. Beware though as the regexp are not enabled by default (against my will). You need to use the use_regexp=True as an argument to grep or DeepSearch.




Python Snippets



  • New: Introduce the python cli builder library and it's progress bar.

    Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal.

    Check out the beautiful progress bar:

    pip install rich
    python -m rich.progress

Ruamel YAML

  • Improvement: Suggest to use ruyaml instead of ruamel.yaml.

    As it's maintained by the community and versioned with git.




  • New: Explain how to select a random choice from Enum objects.

    pydantic uses Enum objects to define the choices of fields, so we need them to create the factories of those objects.

  • New: Improve the periodic tasks and application metrics monitoring.

    Setup an healthchecks instance with the linuxserver image to monitor cronjobs.

    For the notifications either use the prometheus metrics or an apprise compatible system.