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5th November 2021


Life Management

Map Management

  • New: How I manage maps in my life.

    For navigating on the go, I strongly recommend OSMand+, for browsing maps in the browser, use OpenStreetMaps or CyclOSM if you want to move by bike.

    To plan routes, you can use, it works perfectly for bikes. For hiking is awesome too, it shows you a lot of data needed to plan your tracks (check the settings on the right). If you want to invest a little more time, you can even set your personalize profiles, so that the routing algorithm prioritizes the routes to your desires. It's based on brouter and both can be self-hosted, although brouter does not yet use Docker.



Full screen applications

  • New: How to use Conditional Containers.

    from prompt_toolkit.layout import ConditionalContainer
    from prompt_toolkit.filters.utils import to_filter
    show_header = True
        Label('This is an optional text'), filter=to_filter(show_header)

Python Snippets


Infrastructure as Code

Helm Git

  • Correction: Update installation method.

    In the last version 0.11.1, the issue that forced us to use the version 0.8.0 was solved

Operative Systems