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26th May 2021


  • Reorganization: Move the dying projects below the seeds as they are less important.

Life Management

Time Management

Task Management

  • Improvement: Add the benefits when you do task management well, and the side effects if you do it wrong.
  • Improvement: Add a small guide on how to introduce yourself into task management.

Task Management Workflows

  • New: Introduce the main task management workflows.

    Task management can be done at different levels. All of them help you in different ways to reduce the mental load, each also gives you extra benefits that can't be gained by the others. Going from lowest to highest abstraction level we have:

    • Pomodoro.
    • Task plan.
    • Day plan.
    • Week plan.
    • Month plan.
    • Semester plan.

    In the commit I've detailed the Pomodoro technique and the task, day and week plans.


  • Reorganization: Move the tasks tools from the task management article to their own.