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May of 2021



  • New: Introduce Vue.js.

    Vue.js is a progressive framework for building user interfaces.


  • New: Add parso library to interesting libraries to explore.

    parso is a library to parse Python code.


Configure Docker to host the application


Writing good documentation

  • New: Start explaining how to write good documentation for a software project.

    It doesn't matter how good your program is, because if its documentation is not good enough, people will not use it.

    People working with software need different kinds of documentation at different times, in different circumstances, so good software documentation needs them all. In this first iteration, I define the five kinds of documentation, and give the ideas to write good introduction and get started sections.


Infrastructure Solutions


  • Improvement: Remove false positive alerts on failed jobs that succeeded.

    A Kubernetes cronjob spawns jobs, if the first one fails, it will try to spawn a new one. If the second succeeds, the cronjob status should be success, but with the rule we had before, a successful job with failed past jobs will still raise an alert.

Life Management

  • Reorganization: Split the life automation article into life management and process automation.

    I understand life management as the act of analyzing yourself and your interactions with the world to define processes and automations that shape the way to efficiently achieve your goals.

    I understand process automation as the act of analyzing yourself and your interactions with the world to find the way to reduce the time or willpower spent on your life processes.

Time Management

Task Management

  • New: Introduce the task management concept.

    Task management is the process of managing a task through its life cycle. It involves planning, testing, tracking, and reporting. Task management can help either individual achieve goals, or groups of individuals collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals.

  • Improvement: Introduce the main task management tools.

    The inbox does not refer only to your e-mail inbox. It is a broader concept that includes all the elements you have collected in different ways: tasks you have to do, ideas you have thought of, notes, bills, business cards, etc…

    The task manager tool to make your interaction with the tasks easier. You can start with the simplest task manager, a markdown file in your computer with a list of tasks to do. Annotate only the actionable tasks that you need to do today, otherwise it can quickly grow to be unmanageable.

  • Improvement: Add the benefits when you do task management well, and the side effects if you do it wrong.

  • Improvement: Add a small guide on how to introduce yourself into task management.

Task Management Workflows

Interruption Management

  • New: Introduce the interruption management concept.

    Interruption management is the life management area that gathers the processes to minimize the time and willpower toll consumed by interruptions.

    The article proposes a way to analyze your existent interruptions and define how can you improve your interaction with them. I've applied it both to my work and personal interruptions.

  • Improvement: Explain what to do once you have the interruption analysis.

Work Interruption Analysis

  • Improvement: Add analysis of instant message interruptions.

Personal Interruption Analysis

  • Improvement: Add analysis of instant message interruptions.

Money Management

  • Reorganization: Move the accounting automation to money management.

Tool Management

  • New: Introduce the tool management section.

    Most of the tasks or processes we do involve some kind of tool, the better you know how to use them, the better your efficiency will be. The more you use a tool, the more it's worth the investment of time to improve your usage of it.

    Whenever I use a tool, I try to think if I could configure it or use it in a way that will make it easier or quicker. Don't go crazy and try to change everything. Go step by step, and once you've internalized the improvement, implement the next.

Email Management

  • New: Explain how I configure and interact with email efficiently.

Instant Messages Management

  • New: Explain how I configure and interact with chat applications efficiently.

Process Automation

  • Improvement: Add xkcd comics that gather the essence and pitfalls of process automation.


Free Knowledge

  • New: Introduce how to contribute to the free knowledge initiative.

    One of the early principles of the internet has been to make knowledge free to everyone. Alexandra Elbakyan of Sci-Hub, bookwarrior of Library Genesis, Aaron Swartz, and countless unnamed others have fought to free science from the grips of for-profit publishers. Today, they do it working in hiding, alone, without acknowledgment, in fear of imprisonment, and even now wiretapped by the FBI. They sacrifice everything for one vision: Open Science.

    If you want to know how to contribute, check the article.

Operative Systems


Linux Snippets

Vim Plugins


  • New: Introduce gajim.

    Gajim is the best Linux XMPP client in terms of end-to-end encryption support as it's able to speak OMEMO.


  • Correction: Explain how to fix the stuck at login page issue.

    systemctl stop jellyfin.service
    mv /var/lib/jellyfin/data/jellyfin.db{,.bak}
    systemctl start jellyfin.service
    systemctl stop jellyfin.service
    mv /var/lib/jellyfin/data/jellyfin.db{.bak,}
    systemctl start jellyfin.service
  • Correction: Explain how to fix the Intel Hardware transcoding.

    docker exec -it jellyfin /bin/bash
    dpkg -i jellyfin-ffmpeg_4.3.2-1-focal_amd64.deb


  • Reorganization: Refactor the vim_automation article into vim and vim_plugins.



Forking this garden

  • New: Explain how to fork the blue book.


  • Reorganization: Reorder the sections of the site navigation menu.

    Give more importance to Coding, Activism and Life Management, reducing the Software Architecture and Data Analysis sections.

  • Reorganization: Move the tasks tools from the task management article to their own.