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8th April 2021


  • Improvement: Explain the updates on the repository-orm project.

    In the latest version 0.2.0, we added:

    • Support for the TinyDB repository.
    • Support for regular expressions in the search method.
    • Easier repository loading with load_repository function.
  • Improvement: Add a link to the meilisearch blog.

  • New: Create the quantified self project.

    With links to the two starting points HPI and bionic.



Python Snippets

  • Correction: Explain how to create PyPI valid packages with direct dependencies.

    It looks like PyPI don't want pip to reach out to URLs outside their site when installing from PyPI. So you can't define the direct dependencies in the install_requires. Instead you need to install them in a PostInstall custom script. Ugly as hell.

Operative Systems




  • Correction: Broken links.

    Removed the link to ( since it no longer exists. Updated some links that where broken due to a folder structure change.