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29th March 2021


  • Improvement: Add mkdocs-newsletter as a dormant plant.

    MkDocs plugin to show the changes of documentation repositories in a user friendly format, at the same time that it's easy for the authors to maintain.

    It creates daily, weekly, monthly and yearly newsletter articles with the changes of each period. Those pages, stored under the Newsletters section, are filled with the changes extracted from the commit messages of the git history. The changes are grouped by categories, subcategories and then by file using the order of the site's navigation structure. RSS feeds are also created for each newsletter type, so it's easy for people to keep updated with the evolution of the site.

  • Reorganization: Update and reorganize projects.

    Following the digital garden metaphor



  • New: Jellyfin 10.7.1 broke the login page.

    Don't upgrade till it's solved, as the rollback is not easy.

Operative Systems



  • New: Explain how to reindex an index.