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4th March 2021


Infrastructure as Code

Helm Git

  • Correction: Suggest version 0.8.0 until issue is solved.

    Newer versions have a bug that makes impossible to use helm_git with a repository that contains just one chart in the root of the git repository.


Prometheus Install

  • Correction: Add warning that helm 2 support is dropped.

    If you want to use the helm chart above 11.1.7 you need to use helm 3.



  • New: Explain the sleep cycle.

    Humans cycle through two types of sleep in a regular pattern throughout the night with a period of 90 minutes. They were called non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and rapid eye movement (REM).

    I answer the questions:

    • What is the period of the REM/NREM cycle?
    • What happens to your body in REM and NREM phases?
    • How does the ratio of REM/NREM changes throughout the night? with a possible explanation.
    • Why sleeping 6 hours can make you loose up to 90% of your REM or NREM phases?
  • New: Explain sleeping time and sense distortions.

    Answer the questions:

    • Why time feels longer in our dreams?
    • How do we loose awareness of the outside world when sleeping?

Operative Systems



  • New: Describe navigation objects used in plugins.

    Explain how to use the Page, Section, and SectionPage objects.

  • Correction: You need to edit the nav in the on_nav and not in the on_files event.

    Even though it seems more easy to create the nav structure in the on_files event, by editing the nav dictionary of the config object, there is no way of returning the config object in that event, so we're forced to do it in this event.



  • New: Add mark1626 digital garden article on origamis.