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25th February 2021



Monitoring Comparison

  • Correction: Add the insights of a nagios power user.

    • Update open source and community analysis with nagios exchange.
    • Correct nagios community analysis with its trajectory
    • Correct the analysis of the high availability of nagios
    • Add the option to host the script exporter in a dedicated server



  • New: Add today's issues.

    • Gadgetbridge improvements
    • Ombi improvements

Life Management


Amazfit Band 5

  • New: Add insights on sleep detection.

    The sleep tracking using Gadgetbridge is not good at all. After two nights, the band has not been able to detect when I woke in the middle of the night, or when I really woke up, as I usually stay in the bed for a time before standing up. I'll try with the proprietary application soon and compare results.

  • New: Explain how to upgrade the firmware.

    Gadgetbridge people have a guide on how to upgrade the firmware, you need to get the firmware from the geek doing forum though, so it is interesting to create an account and watch the post.

Operative Systems



  • New: Add more guidelines to reverse engineer the band protocol.