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September of 2020




  • New: Introduce the boolean options and variadic arguments.
  • New: Explain how to use a default command to a click group.

Type Hints

  • New: Improve the definition of objects with multiple types with TypeVar.


  • New: Introduce the deepdiff library.


  • New: Add freezegun fixture.

Software Architecture

Domain Driven Design

Repository Pattern

  • New: Warn about the definition of attributes created by the ORMs.


  • New: Add more steps.

    • Quick tempo running man
    • Quick tempo T-Step
    • Francis T-Step
    • Sacco kicks
  • New: Add Francis spin and first version of dance routine.

    Corrected how to reach the quick tempo running man.

  • New: More guidelines on how to speed up the running man.

    And refactor in different files

  • New: Add times for next steps to learn.

  • New: Added ash, birch and beech description.
  • New: Introduce wireguard.
  • New: Explain how to debug elasticsearch yellow state.
  • Correction: Update python ci docs.
  • New: Explain how to solve cyclic imports when using type hints.