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Github cli

gh is GitHub’s official command line tool.


Get the deb file from the releases page and install it with sudo dpkg -i

Authenticate the command following the steps of:

gh auth login


Create a pull request

Whenever you do a git push it will show you the link to create the pull request. To avoid going into the browser, you can use gh pr create.

You can also merge a ready pull request with gh pr merge

Workflow runs

With gh run list you can get the list of the last workflow runs. If you want to see the logs of one of the runs, get the id and run gh run view {{ run_id }}.

To see what failed, run gh run view {{ run_id }} --log-failed.

Pull request checks

gh allows you to check the status of the checks of a pull requests, this is useful to get an alert once the checks are done. For example you can use the next bash/zsh function:

function checks(){
    while true; do
        gh pr checks
        if [[ -z "$(gh pr status --json statusCheckRollup | grep IN_PROGRESS)" ]]; then
        sleep 1
    gh pr checks
    echo -e '\a'

Trigger a workflow run

To manually trigger a workflow you need to first configure it to allow workflow_dispatch events.


Then you can trigger the workflow with gh workflow run {{ workflow_name }}, where you can get the workflow_name with gh workflow list