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Food Management

As humans diet is an important factor in our health, we need to eat daily around three times a day, as such, each week we need to invest time into managing how to get food in front of us. Tasks like thinking what do you want to eat, buying the ingredients and cooking them make use a non negligible amount of time. Also something to keep in mind, is that eating is one of the great pleasures in our lives, so doing it poorly is a waste. The last part of the equation is that to eat good you either need time or money.

This article explores my thoughts and findings on how to optimize the use of time, money and mental load in food management while keeping the desired level of quality to enjoy each meal, being healthy and following the principles of ecology and sustainability. I'm no expert at all on either of these topics. I'm learning and making my mind while writing these lines.

Choosing your diet

The broad picture of diet

Seasonal, vegetarian, proximity, responsible

The details of diet

How to choose what to eat this week

Buying the products

Check grocy management for more details.


Week batch cooking, yearly batch cooking