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Ferdium is a desktop application to have all your services in one place. It's similar to Rambox, Franz or Ferdi only that it's maintained by the community and respects your privacy.


Download the deb package and run

sudo dpkg -i /path/to/your/file.deb


In terms of security the Ferdium master password lock will only prevent an attacker from accessing your passwords if it has very few time to do the attack. They encrypt the password and save it in the config file along with a property lockingFeatureEnabled which is set to true when you activate this feature. Nevertheless if an attacker were to change this value to false, then they'll be able to access your Ferdium instance.

Therefore I think that it's better to rely on locking your computer when leaving it and encrypting your hard drive. Adding the master password will only make the life harder for you for no substantial increase in security.

Keep in mind that Ferdium stores the cookies to automatically log in the sites and that the information is accessible by an attacker that has access to your device. So only add services that are not critical to you.