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There are several tools built to enhance the operation, installation and use of Kubernetes.


  • K3s: Recommended small kubernetes, like hyperkube. A friend told me that rke2 works better than k3s.

To try

  • crossplane: Crossplane is an open source multicloud control plane. It introduces workload and resource abstractions on-top of existing managed services that enables a high degree of workload portability across cloud providers. A single crossplane enables the provisioning and full-lifecycle management of services and infrastructure across a wide range of providers, offerings, vendors, regions, and clusters. Crossplane offers a universal API for cloud computing, a workload scheduler, and a set of smart controllers that can automate work across clouds.
  • razee: A multi-cluster continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes Automate the rollout process of Kubernetes resources across multiple clusters, environments, and cloud providers, and gain insight into what applications and versions run in your cluster.
  • kube-ops-view: it shows how are the ops on the nodes.
  • kubediff: a tool for Kubernetes to show differences between running state and version controlled configuration.
  • ksniff: A kubectl plugin that utilize tcpdump and Wireshark to start a remote capture on any pod in your Kubernetes cluster.
  • kubeview: Visualize dependencies kubernetes.